Why You Need a House Wash

House washing is a must for any home to prevent mould and mildew growth, extend the life of your paintwork, bricks or weatherboards and improve your resale value. A good house wash is also a great preparation for repainting.

When washing a house, leave the windows until last, after all the chemical solution and dirt has been removed from other areas of the house. This allows the windows to be rinsed without the risk of water ingress.

Exterior House Washing

The exterior of your home needs regular washing to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. It also helps to protect the structural integrity of your home. A professional house wash service is recommended to ensure your property gets the proper cleaning and care it deserves.

Professional cleaning companies use a combination of low water pressure and eco-friendly chemicals to thoroughly clean surfaces. They may also apply a mildewcide to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew on your exterior.

Whether your home is made of Hardie siding, brick, Stucco or stone, the algaecide detergent used will vary in strength and mixture ratio depending on the surface material. Surfaces that are smooth will require a lesser concentration of the algicide, while surfaces that are more porous such as brick or stucco would need a higher concentration of up to 3% sodium hypochlorite (commonly known as SH).

Professional pressure washing can eliminate stubborn dirt and grime on your home’s exterior, leaving it looking brand new. It can also help keep mold and mildew at bay and protect your home’s paint.

Window Cleaning

A dirty window isn’t just unsightly it can also reduce the value of your home. Talk to your local house wash Auckland service about regular cleaning to help keep windows looking pristine.

As a time saving tip, leave washing the windows until last after all the chemical solution and dirt is removed from the rest of that side of the house. This way any dirt that is squirted onto the window frames can be rinsed off without affecting the finished result.

If you are planning to put your home on the market, or just want to give it a facelift, a professional exterior house wash is a great start. It can not only enhance your property’s appearance but also extend the life of paint, brick or weatherboards. For more information about our house washing services contact Metro Water Blasting today. They have years of experience and provide high-quality cleaning services for residential properties throughout Auckland.

Gutter Cleaning

A thorough gutter clean is essential to extend the life of your home’s exterior. Gutter blockages can cause water to leak into your home and cause damage, mould growth & rotting of the roof and fascia boards.

It is recommended that you get your gutters cleaned every 12-24 months to maintain a great looking house and extend the life of your paintwork, bricks or weatherboards. Be wary of “cowboy” gutter cleaners who are price focused and cut corners in cleaning processes, Health & Safety and formal qualifications.

North Shore House Wash offers a professional and affordable gutter cleaning service. This involves hand removal of debris, soft washing to internal surfaces of gutters, down pipes and flushing of the drains. We also offer a full house wash and property maintenance package with gutter cleaning included for your convenience. Talk to us today about your gutter cleaning requirements. We service all suburbs of Auckland & the North Shore.

Moss & Mould Removal

The North Shore’s harsh weather conditions cause the exterior of cladding to age and build up with grime. Mould, lichen and moss are also a common issue. Regular cleaning of a house’s cladding can help prevent damage and extend the life of your paint work.

It’s important to choose the right equipment for a job like this. Using an electric water blaster without the correct setup can cause more damage than it solves. It’s essential to have enough flow to back off pressure when necessary, this is called controlled use.

A small electric water blaster with a quality pencil jet nozzle or turbo nozzle is ideal for this type of work. Adding an adjustable chemical mix to the water blaster makes the process more effective for surfaces like cladding and fences. A moss and mould treatment product is then applied after soft washing to kill any remaining spores, this needs to be left to work for 1-14 days to give a clean result.

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