Wedding Photographer in Wellington

No newlywed would want to receive wedding photos with bad lighting, unflattering angles or unfortunate framing. That’s why it is important to choose a photographer that you vibe with.

Bringing an elegance to each shot, Cath Fitzgerald Photography captures the big and little moments. She has a knack for capturing genuine emotion and will ensure that your memories last forever.

We Do Photography & Design

We believe in investing in our clients. We are more than just photographers and we will serve you as such – whether that means running to get your mom so she doesn’t miss a shot, carrying your bouquet, or simply holding the ladder while you climb the mountain of your dress.

When you request a sample from a photographer, look at the images carefully. Do any have eyes closed, duplicates, awkward facial expressions, things in the background that shouldn’t be there, or are the photos grainy and dull? A lot of the time, a great start to finish wedding sample will have very few of these things.
David Garratt

David Garratt is a born and bred Wellingtonian who runs Von Photography. He has a friendly, easy going personality and a people focus that helps him to get great wedding photos. He has a keen eye for detail and a vibrant, slightly quirky style that makes him fun to work with.

His passion for music shows in his photography. He has taken part in a number of local events and he has photographed the Ladeda and Homegrown music festivals. He also has experience with fashion events and catwalk shows. He has a photojournalist style and is not afraid to climb on roofs, into bushes or up trees to get the perfect shot.

Tabitha Woods

Tabitha Woods is a Wellington-based photographer who offers timeless wedding photography. She specializes in engagement photo-sessions and wedding packages and is available nationwide and internationally. Her packages include a mini package lasting up to three hours, the midi package that lasts six hours, and a full-day wedding session.

She works with each couple to ensure that they get the best results possible. She also offers additional options, including a slideshow and the option to create a photo-style wedding album.

Billie Brook is a Wellington-based photographer who specializes in both portrait and wedding photography. She captures the true emotions of her clients and translates them into a tangible form. Her rate starts at $4000.

Billie Brook

Billie was a special person and will be missed by all who knew her. She was a kind and generous soul who loved her family, animals and friends. She is survived by her nieces, Tammy Acker, Janet Martin and Cathy Williams.

Wedding music is an essential part of any wedding, whether it’s ceremony musicians who create a magical ambiance as you walk down the aisle or high-energy party bands to have your guests dancing the night away. To help you find the perfect music for your wedding, we’ve hand-picked some of the finest Wellington wedding bands to ensure that your day is truly unforgettable.

Monica Ferguson

Monica Ferguson believes that weddings are all about the love and connection between two people. She specializes in capturing the authentic moments of your day that tell a story like no other. She loves to capture the natural beauty of her subjects and is a master at blending in to capture those candid moments.

When choosing a photographer, always look at their track record before booking them. There is nothing worse than a newlywed couple receiving photos that don’t look good or have unflattering angles. Choosing a Wellington wedding photographer with a great reputation is an investment that will save you the heartache of a bad result.

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