Decorating Your Cat Tower: Fun and Functional Add-ons

A cat tower is not just a functional piece for your cat’s physical and mental stimulation; it’s also a part of your home décor. At Cat Tree Haven, we believe in maximizing the enjoyment and utility of your cat tower with creative decorations that enhance both its fun and functionality. Here’s how you can personalize your cat tower with add-ons that your cat will love, and that will look great in your home.

  1. Playful Toys

Attach various toys to the cat tower to keep your cat engaged. Items like hanging feather toys, jingle ball toys, or even interactive puzzle toys can be added to various levels of the tower. These not only encourage play but also stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts.

  1. Cozy Resting Areas

Add extra comfort to your cat’s favorite perching spots by placing plush cushions or padded fleece covers on the platforms. These can be matched with the color scheme of your room to maintain style and comfort.

  1. Themed Decorations

Consider a theme for decorating the cat tower, such as a jungle with artificial leaves and vines, or a cozy cabin look with rustic wood panels and soft blankets. This not only makes the tower more attractive but also more inviting to your cat.

  1. Scratch-Enhancing Additions

Incorporate different scratching materials around the tower, such as sisal fabric or cork strips. These materials can be wrapped around the posts or added in patches to encourage scratching, which is essential for claw health.

  1. Climbing Enhancements

Increase the climbing fun by adding ropes or bridges connecting different parts of the tower. These can provide new and challenging ways for your cat to explore their environment.


Decorating your cat tower can enhance its appeal to both you and your cat. At Cat Tree Haven, you can find a variety of cat towers and accessories that allow for endless customization. Check out our collection today to create a fun and functional space that your cat will adore.

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