Top 5 Florists to Deliver Flowers NZ

Flowers are one of the most popular gift items for all occasions, they make the perfect expression of love, appreciation and gratitude. They are also a great way to show someone you care, especially when they’re not in the same country as you.

New Zealand is home to many beautiful flowers. Some are native to the country, like Mount Cook Buttercup and Maori Onion. Others are not, but are considered to be beautiful and unique.

Blush Flowers

If you’re in the market for a one of a kind floral bouquet or a well crafted planter, you won’t be disappointed with the offerings from this stylish Parnell boutique. Owner Kelly Karam and her team of horticultural enthusiasts will create something truly original to your specifications, if not in person then in their capable hands. In addition to flowers, the Blush team will assemble and deliver on-point plants to any or all of your abode based on your specific preferences, from succulents to orchids and a whole lot more in between. The best part?

Green Bay Florists

If you are looking for the best Green Bay florists to deliver flowers NZ, look no further. These local flower experts know how to do a thing or two about arranging your favourite blooms into something truly special.

Bouquets and flower boxes here come in a range of sizes, so you can really go big or small with the perfect pick for the occasion. And don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget — they also have ‘flower subscriptions’ and ‘home flower bundles’ available too.

Same day deliver flowers NZ is guaranteed on orders placed before 2pm in the recipient’s time zone, Monday – Friday and 10am Saturday. However, same day delivery is not available on rural, restricted and remote deliveries.

La Femme Fleur

La Femme Fleur is a new flower truck that hangs out in Coxs Bay during the week and at Mt Albert markets on Saturday. They only sell flowers grown in New Zealand and the owner Millie really knows her stuff when it comes to choosing the right blooms for her customers – a wee treat!

La Rive Fleur De Femme is a richly sweet perfume that finds its home in the gourmand fragrance category. Its top notes of peach almond bitter orange and sour cherry burst with sweet and tangy fruitiness, while the heart offers a rich floral contrast with rose neroli and jasmine.

The Botanist

Part cafe and part flower nursery, The Botanist is a great little spot in Shed 13 at City Works Depot. It’s a cafe/bar/plant nursery fusion that combines the best in New Zealand cuisine with a bespoke floral design service.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is a gin of layered complexity. It features nine of the traditional gin aromatics augmented with a heady harvest of 22 local botanicals foraged responsibly and by hand from the windswept hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores of this Hebridean island. This roller coaster botanical odyssey is then distilled by the Bruichladdich distillery in Scotland.


On the quieter south-east coast of Santorini, Istoria is a serene retreat for those seeking a different sunrise experience. It’s an enclave of contemporary design, with plenty of spaces to relax and unwind, including a bespoke pool bounded by loungers and a sunken pool bar.

The hotel’s ethos is to evoke a sense of intimacy and solace in a serene environment. Guests can unwind in the Elios Spa, which offers a range of treatments to restore both the body and soul.

Nina For Flowers

Ponsonby-based Nina For Flowers has some seriously sweet bouquets on offer. Their ‘Grey Lynn’ bouquet is an Instagram-worthy extravaganza of colour and prettiness, while their bespoke ‘flowers after hours’ service is a godsend for busy bees looking to spoil a loved one at the end of the day.

They also have a pretty impressive range of vases, candles and chocolate strawberries to round out the floral display. But it’s their ‘designer’s choice’ option that really impresses us: they’ll work with you to design a bespoke bouquet of your favourite market-fresh blooms before handing it over for you to enjoy.

Wandering Willow

Wandering Willow, based in Auckland, specialises in dried floral creations. Their on-trend bohemian style and extensive product range positions them as one of the best rated florists for dried flowers in NZ.

Their signature ‘designer’s choice’ bouquets are a must-try for any flower lover, with their super-sized, market-fresh blooms arranged to perfection and delivered in sleek troughs or ginormous vases. The team also curates a selection of candles, chocolate strawberries and decor to finish off their delivery. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


The Risks of User Generated Content Moderation

UGC is a powerful tool that can improve your brand’s reputation, strengthen your online community and drive more engagement. But there are a few risks that you should be aware of when allowing your community members to upload content.

To mitigate these risks, your business needs a comprehensive user generated content moderation strategy. The best approach depends on your brand’s goals and budget.


User-generated content (UGC) is a type of online content that users create or post about a product or company. These ideas may be in the form of text, pictures or video.

Many UGC platforms, such as social media and marketplaces, use a combination of automated tools and live human moderators to review content. This moderation approach has a number of benefits, including the ability to catch spam and malware before it gets into the system.

However, there are some downsides to using AI as your sole content moderation tool. For one, it can be difficult to train AI to catch everything, and it can also be expensive. Having full-time human moderators on staff can be much more cost effective, but it takes time and resources to train them and make sure they have the necessary training to do their job effectively.

Another major disadvantage of AI-based moderation is that it often misses some of the more offensive content. This is especially true with images and videos, since AI doesn’t have the 20/20 vision of humans on what should be removed.

For these reasons, it’s essential to employ a hybrid moderation system that utilizes AI tools alongside human reviews. A combination of these two methods can help brands avoid censorship, uphold a certain quality of content, and even protect against Black Hat SEO tactics.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s essential to have clear guidelines around the types of UGC your brand allows. This will help users know what you expect from them and help you maintain a positive brand image.

A UGC policy is an excellent way to keep your brand safe from a variety of threats, from trolls to fake content. It can also provide a sense of safety to your users, encouraging them to share the content they feel is right for your brand.

In addition to preventing harmful and illegal content from entering the UGC pool, a robust moderation strategy can also boost engagement and conversions. Creating an environment where your customers can express themselves is a huge driver of loyalty and retention, especially in communities that are small and tight-knit.


User generated content is a significant part of online communities, but it can also cause serious issues for brands and users. In order to prevent harmful, illegal, or offensive content from being shared, brands often need to hire a team of trained moderators who can quickly and accurately moderate UGC posts.

While it’s not a substitute for human moderation, AI can support human moderators by filtering out questionable content for them to review. This helps save time and resources for content moderation teams, allowing them to more effectively manage their sites.

Aside from the productivity benefits, AI-powered tools can help companies protect their brand and ensure that all users have a safe experience on their site. These tools can detect and flag images containing illegal or harmful content, enabling brands to take action against violating posts.

As technology and data evolves, so too will the need for more scalable content moderation solutions. In order to achieve this, companies should consider a combination of automated moderation technologies and human-powered moderation.

The first step is to set the AI’s threshold for predicting what types of content will be safe or inappropriate. This will help you determine how confident you want the system to be before displaying predictions on your website or social media pages.

Using a lower threshold can be helpful in cases where the content is likely to contain harmful or objectionable content, but it’s important to keep an eye out for false predictions as well. In these cases, AI will need to be trained more thoroughly on a large sample of different types of content to ensure that it’s accurate.

There are a number of different AI-powered modesration tools available to help brands automate and moderate their online communities. These tools can automatically analyze different formats of content, including text, pictures, and videos to identify inappropriate posts. They can then filter and classify these posts, preventing them from being shared. Moreover, they can create keyword blacklists to help brands prevent UGC from being posted on their site. By combining these tools with a dedicated human moderation team, companies can achieve the best outcomes in the online world while protecting their customers and brand.


User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty and drive sales. But it also comes with risk. Users who share offensive or inappropriate content could negatively affect your brand and community members.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you with user generated content moderation. Automated tools can analyze and filter online content, ensuring that it doesn’t go out into the world without your permission.

AI-backed content moderation can automatically analyze texts, visuals and videos for toxic content, helping brands keep their platforms clean and safe. It can also prevent harmful content from being shared and reduce the need for human moderators.

In addition, AI-backed UGC moderation can detect infringements and block the offending content before it even reaches human moderators. This helps to ensure that users have a positive experience on your platform and minimizes the mental health impact that toxic content can have.

As a result, automating your content moderation strategy can save you time and money while helping your team maintain authentic content that will engage and strengthen your brand’s presence. For example, Cirque du Soleil, Think Iowa City and other brands have leveraged automated UGC management to boost social reach, improve website performance, increase staff time efficiency and create a robust repository of images.

However, AI-backed content moderation can be prone to errors and false positives, especially when it is trained on millions of examples. The best approach is to combine human review with AI efforts to ensure accurate monitoring of online content.


User generated content can be a powerful marketing tool, but it can also be a source of risk if it is not properly moderated. Properly filtered UGC can help your brand build credibility, improve customer satisfaction, and increase online engagement. In addition, it can provide a unique, fresh perspective for your brand.

Moderation of UGC can be done manually, or it can be automated. With automated moderation, algorithms can identify harmful content before it is shared on your platform. This increases the speed of your moderation process and ensures that all content is handled in a timely manner.

Using AI in moderation can be a good option because it helps to keep your business from being overwhelmed with the amount of content that is being uploaded on your website. It can also save you a lot of time and money on employee payroll costs.

With AI, you can use tools that analyze text and speech, as well as images, to flag content that violates your company’s policies or could be a security threat. These tools aren’t foolproof, but they can help you get ahead of potential problems before they occur.

Another useful tool for moderation is computer vision. This can help you determine if a photo is clear or blurry, ensuring that your website looks good and that your customers will be satisfied with their experience.

In some cases, you can hire freelancers to perform the moderation function for you. They are usually cheaper than in-house workers, and they don’t have to be physically located in your country. However, this can be a disadvantage because you may not be able to fully monitor their work and you might not be able to find the best employees.

Another option for moderation is reactive moderation, which depends on community members to report inappropriate or offensive content. This can be a quick way to get bad content off your site, but it comes with the risk of making a potentially harmful image or message visible to your audience for a short period of time.


Top Newborn Photographer in Wellington

When it comes to newborn photography, you want to make sure that you hire a top-tier photographer. You need someone who is able to capture all of the cuteness and charm that is unique to your baby.

Newborn photos are a treasure that you will cherish forever. Their little features change so quickly, so it is important that you document this precious time.

Beth Westlake Photography

One of the best ways to capture all of those precious memories is by booking a professional newborn photographer. Beth Westlake is a top newborn photographer in Wellington, and she has years of experience capturing the beauty and innocence of new babies.

Using her creativity, attention to detail, and expertise, Beth will help you capture the precious moments of your baby’s life. She will also work with you to create a custom package that meets your needs and budget.

Blush Photo is a boutique studio that specializes in newborn and maternity photography. It offers packages that include everything from props to outfits for one-of-a-kind shoots. The studio also provides staging services and works with trusted photography printing labs to provide clients with the highest-quality results. The team serves the Greater Cleveland/Akron area, including neighborhoods in Summit, Cuyahoga, Portage, and Huron counties. Its staff accepts check and credit card payments, and it offers a free planning consultation.

Erika Rigger Photography

If you’re looking for a top newborn photographer in Wellington, you should check out Erika Rigger Photography. This company specializes in natural light photography and shoots family, baby, and maternity photos. The owner loves to capture the whimsy of childhood, and you can expect to see lots of smiles from her subjects. Session fees start at three hundred dollars and include one hour of shooting, forty plus edited digital images, and a mobile gallery.

Another popular option in the area is Twig and Feather Photography. This studio offers photography services for families in the Wilmington, NC, area and has won a 2018 Lookslikefilm award for their family portraits. The studio has a unique studio in a refurbished bus, and they also offer in-home sessions. You can contact them directly to schedule a session or ask for their pricing information. You can also read reviews of their work on Yelp. It’s a great way to find out what other people think of their services.

Michelle Leonard Photography

Located in Wilmington, Michelle Leonard Photography provides family, newborn, and maternity portraits. Whether you’re looking for a simple studio session or more natural outdoor sessions, Michelle will create beautiful photographs that are sure to make everyone smile. She has over five years of experience in family photography, and she knows how to get the most out of your session. She also offers a wide range of packages, including Christmas photo shoots.

Founded in 2013, Twig and Feather Photography is a professional studio that serves the coastal North Carolina area. It’s a winner of the Lookslikefilm Best Family Photography award in 2018. The studio’s owner, Mandy, has been taking photos professionally since 2013, and she works with clients to find the perfect location for their sessions. She also has a bus studio that allows families to have their pictures taken in the most natural setting possible. She loves incorporating neutral tones into her work and making it as memorable as possible for each client.